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donderdag 4 februari 2010

C Could be for...

Children that want to go to Carnaval

Of, nu in het Nederlands: c staat voor kinderen die naar het carnaval willen.
Hoewel de sneeuw weg is, is er nog geen tijd, om op stap te gaan, om foto's voor het 'toeristisch abc' te maken. Daarom weer een could be C (zou kunnen, dus)

Or: in Dutch now: c is for children that want to go to the carnaval. Although the snow is gone now, there is no time yet to go out and take the pictures for the 'touristic abc' I had planned. Therefore another 'could be' C.

Pepijn en Emmeke, twee van onze kleinkinderen, wonen in een streek, waar carnaval gevierd wordt. In elk geval voor de kinderen. Net als de meeste kinderen houden ze van verkleden. De voorkeur van Pepijn gaat uit naar piraten en hij heeft besloten, dat ook Emmeke graag piraat wil zijn met carnaval. Dus hier zijn ze: mijn twee stoere piraten (maar Bella Beer moest wel mee op de foto!)

Pepijn and Emmeke, two of our grandchildren, live in an area where carnaval is celebrated. For and by the children in any case.. Like most children they also love dressing up. Pepijn loves being a pirate and he has decided, that his sister Emmeke also wants to be one at carnaval. So here are our two brave pirates (but Bella Bear had to be in the picture as well)

6 opmerkingen:

stringplay zei

I love the combination of the sword with the Teddy bear. : )

Great costumes. I know they are having fun.

Life Looms Large zei

Looks like a fun holiday!!

I really wish Convergence had been in New Mexico at a better time of year...then it would have been more tempting. (It's very hot there in the summer). Too bad that neither of us will go....but maybe in 2 years!

Thanks for the offer of spinning lessons if I ever come visit!! That would be fun! Of course, then I wouldn't save any money spinning!!!


Amanda zei

Or C could be for Cute kids!

Lara zei

No pirate is complete without her bear. Very cute!

minipurl zei

What fun!

Lori zei

I love the costumes. Here in New York City, my son Ian had almost the same costume as your granddaughter. I guess pirates are popular everywhere!