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dinsdag 13 mei 2008

Fluitekruid/Queen Ann's lace (?)

Langs alle wegen was het wit van het fluitekruid, de afgelopen weken. Natuurlijk zag ik er verf in om wol mee te kleuren. Zaterdag moest het er dan toch van komen.
Ik plukte het langs de weg, maar ook in onze tuin stond genoeg.
Along every road here it was white of all the cow parsley (I'm not sure that is the right English name: I've also heard it be called Queen Ann's lace, which I liked) Of course I saw dyestuff growing there to colour my wool. Last Saturday it had to be tried out.
I cut some along the street, but there was also some in our garden.

Ieder jaar is dit voor mij het begin van de zomer.

Every year this symbolises the beginning of summer for me.

Dat werd dus knippen, knippen knippen, tot ik alleen heel kleine stukje had. En zere handen.
This meant cut, cut, cut, until I had very small pieces. And hurting hands.

Toen ik uitgeknipt was, had ik 400 gram planten, en omdat ik 200 gram gesponnen wol had kwam dat mooi uit op 200%. De wol was intussen voorgebeitst met 15% aluin.

After I had finished cutting I had 400 grams of plants, and because I wanted to dye 200 grams of handspun wool this was a nice 200%. I had mordanted the wool with 15% alum.

Hier ligt de wol met de geknipte en verpakte planten in het verfbad.

Here is the wool and the cut up plants (in a net) in the dye bath.

Een paar uur later: gele wol!

A few hours later: yellow wool!

3 opmerkingen:

Amanda zei

Very clever and what a great colour!

Leigh zei

What a lovely yellow! Over here it's mostly called Queen Ann's lace but I've heard it called cow parsley too. Either way I never would have thought to dye with it. I'll add it to my list.

Wilbert Schouten zei

Wat gaaf dat je zo je verf uit de natuur kan halen!
How cool that you can just get your dyes out of nature!