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zondag 18 november 2007


Last Friday I got the invitation from and for Ravelry.
This Sunday I spent exploring the site and it really is dazzling! The whole day I didn't do any weaving, spinning or knitting, which usually fills a great part of my days.
And now I'm starting this blog. Will I find time to blog?

This morning I finished one of my knitting projects: a beret, started at Nancy Marchant's workshop in Rotterdam, at the SnB day there. After knitting it, it was too big and I was rather disappointed. So this morning it went with the towels into the washing machine. The handspun didn't felt! It hardly shrunk! Try that with things that accidentally land in the washer. At least the size of the beret is a little better than before, but it may be that the thing goes into a hotter wash one day.
I liked the technique though: brioche stitch. I'll definitely try it again, in other colours. I started in rather subtle colours, but couldn't see what I did: there wasn't enough light. I had two balls of handspun, one natural white Wensleydale, the other a red handdyed Clun Forest in my bag and they had enough contrast to see the pattern.
I'll post a picture when I've figured out how to do that.

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